'' It's simple: a unique concert between two important musicians from territories or cultural traditions in conflict with each other. ''

2 Musicians +

2 Territories +

1 Shared Stage 

because music has the power to create peace

one stage, two musicians

combining the art and creativity of musicians from territories and cultural traditions in conflict between them

A dialogue made of notes, scales and harmonies

to convey messages of co-division and mutual respect through music

di Pace

2 musicians + 2 territories + 1 shared stage

In 2016, our festival shared five intimate concerts in prestigious locations in the heart of Rome. Each event featured two distinguished artists from, or representing, two different territories and cultures in conflict with each other: Serhat Akbal and Marwan Samer (Kurdistan and Iraq); Pejman Tadayon and Riccardo Manzi (Iran and Jewish music); Nando Citarella and Tcha Limberger (Italian popular music and gypsy music); Gabin Dabiré and Zam M. Dembélé (Burkina Faso and Mali); Shao Yue Shen and Loten Namling (China and Tibet).

Why Accordi di Pace?

Bitter and bloody conflicts continue to ravage the world, despite peace commitments that have been reiterated – sometimes forcefully – since the end of the last world war. Even in relatively stable contexts, hardship and poverty can lead to groups of people forgetting the humanity of others (especially if the 'other' has different ethnic, social, religious or national culture) and, consequently, losing its own humanity. In this atmosphere of human and spiritual aridity, we believe that loss of connection continues to widen the divisions between people, divisions that can only be healed through a greater awareness of our shared humanity.

"One day even war will bow to the sound of a guitar."

James Morrison

"We do not need guns and bombs to bring peace, we need love and compassion."

Madre Teresa

"I do not want to fight anyone with any weapons; I do not have to fight for my rights, my rights must come to me. "

Bob Marley

"Peace is not a dream: it can become reality; but to keep it you must be able to dream."

Nelson Mandela

Our concerts combine the melodies of cultural traditions that have been driven far apart through conflict or a history of difficult coexistence. We want to show that even amidst the bitterest strife, it is possible to create innumerable harmonies, each one beautiful.

By harnessing the extraordinary power of music, which touches the heart without need of intermediation, we aim to overcome and break down the barriers people often place between one another – all the more intensely when troubled by war or serious social hardship.

We wish to make use of the extraordinary power of music to convey the desire for community, sharing and communion inherent in every human being.

Accordi di Pace

Two musicians + Two territories + 1 shared stage

Differences are not obstacles to mutual knowledge and personal fulfilment. On the contrary, they are precious sources of enrichment, whose interaction only emphasize the common elements of our shared humanity. With the uniquely evocative ability of music, it is possible to create create harmonies or an 'accord' across borders of every kind. We can create 'Accordi di Pace.'

We want to imagine a different world, where music has the power to solve problems, to build bridges, to cultivate the listener in us, to remember that we are one and the same. The initiative brings together the art of musicians from territories and cultural traditions that are in conflict with each other, to convey, through music, a message of peace and mutual respect. For the public, the dialogue between the notes, scales and harmonies is a new way to reflect on the subject of peace, and thus reach a greater awareness of our shared humanity.

We overturn the pain caused by the divisions, proving that, with the uniquely evocative capacity of music, we can create agreements, each one new and harmonious: that we can create Accordi di Pace.

Five Encounters

di Pace °1

Kurdistan e Iraq

Serhat Akbal e Marwan Samer (Kurdistan e Iraq)

di Pace °2

Iranian music and Jewish music

Pejman Tadayon and Riccardo Manzi (Iranian, Jewish)

di Pace °3

Italian popular music and Roma music

Nando Citarella and Tcha Limberger (Italian, Roma)

di Pace °4

Burkina Faso and Mali

Gabin Dabiré and Zam M. Dembélé (Burkina Faso, Mali)

di Pace °5

China and Tibet

Shao Yue Shen e Loten Namling (China, Tibet)

Help us realise the 6th concert between Israel and Palestine


For 2019, adapting the format successfully experimented in previous editions, we will organize a single concert, in which an Israeli musician and a Palestinian musician will play together.

Before the concert, there will be a round table on the themes of dialogue and peace, with the participation of distinguished experts on the subject, coming from a wide range of sensibilities.

In order to keep the attention on the theme alive, following the concert we will make available on the website dedicated to the initiative a series of videos and short documentaries that we will have shot on the organization of the concert, on the musicians and on the concert itself.

Verrà prodotto materiale di accompagnamento in lingua ebraica, araba, inglese ed italiana, al fine di permetterne la massima fruibilità anche ad un pubblico internazionale.

The project can be replicated on a national and international scale

The project can be replicated on a national and international scale; to this end, in fact, we will take full advantage of the ``network`` mode that guides the operation of our Association. Guided by the desire to break down the barriers that prevent us from appreciating our shared humanity through the promotion of culture and peace.