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Welcome to the Culture del (“Owner”) website located at (“Site”). This privacy statement refers to the practices of the owner regarding information collected voluntarily by users of the site, including users who register on the site to obtain certain products and services (a “member”).

The Owner undertakes to protect the privacy of its users and Members and we respect the rights of our users all over the world. This Privacy Statement is in accordance with US policies and the European Commission’s General Data Protection Regulations (“GDPR”). This Privacy Statement therefore describes in detail how we collect, store and use any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person that can be identified by things such as a name, identification number, address, etc. (“Personal informations”).

The owner can be contacted at This Privacy Policy is incorporated into the Terms of Use of the website of the owner who regulate the use of the site by the user.

The following is general information on privacy. Please also refer to the current privacy policy of the owner below, which provides OUR updated information.

General information on privacy

1. Types of personal information that the owner collects from users and site members

a. Who collects and receives personal information: for information on who receives personal information, consult the current privacy policy of the owner below.

b. Because we collect personal information: the owner may, from time to time, collect personal information about you that you voluntarily agree to send to the site to become a member of the site, buy products or services from the site or participate in online surveys, prize competitions, competitions, receive newsletters or other activities. The processing of Personal Information may take place even if it is necessary for the legitimate interests pursued by the Data Controller, except where such interests are exceeded by the interests or rights and fundamental freedoms of the user and / or Member, which require the protection of Information. If you do not wish to provide such information to the Site, you may not be able to register and / or obtain products or services from the Website.

c. Categories of personal data collected: the owner may collect or track personal information as listed in the current privacy policy of the owner below.

2. How we use personal information

Personal information collected by the owner is always sent voluntarily by the user. The information may subsequently be used by the Data Controller for various reasons, for example for the keeping of records, for filling orders, editorial and feedback purposes, statistical analysis of anonymous user behavior, product development, content improvement or to customize content and the layout of the site. Aggregated data on visitors’ home servers can be used for internal purposes and individual identifying information, such as names, postal addresses and e-mails, telephone numbers and other personal information that visitors voluntarily provide to the owner can be added to the database owner and used for future calls and dispatches regarding site updates, new products and services and upcoming events, based on users who choose to receive such information.

The owner may also use site visitor data to contact site visitors regarding registration and account status and changes to the Terms of Use, privacy policy and any other policies or agreements relevant to visitors of the site.

The Data Controller may retain Personal Data collected by you only for the time necessary to satisfy the purposes of the Owner, or as permitted by law. If the owner no longer needs personal information, the owner can delete personal information.

3. Sharing of personal information with other entities

Except as provided in this document, the individual identification of Personal Information provided via the Site will not be sold, exchanged, transferred or otherwise disclosed to third parties not affiliated to the Owner without your consent, except for the express purpose of providing the product or service purchased or requested information.


4. Your rights regarding your personal information

The applicable privacy law gives users certain rights to their personal information as follows:

a. Right of access and right of rectification: Users and Members have the right, by ordinary mail, e-mail or telephone, to request the Owner to provide a summary of the Personal Information kept by the Owner that has been provided voluntarily by the user through online forms . , registration forms, surveys, e-mails or another online route. You may change, correct, modify or update your personal information by contacting the owner by ordinary mail, e-mail or telephone at the addresses or numbers listed below.

b. Portability right: Users and members have the right to request that their personal information be transferred to another controller (a controller is a person who determines the purposes and means for processing personal information).

c. Right to be forgotten: Users and Members have the right to cancel their Personal Information upon request.

d. Additional protections: Users and members have the right to additional safeguards if sensitive information is processed (for example, health, race, sexual orientation, religion and political beliefs).

is. How to exercise one of these rights: contact the owner’s data protection officer listed below. If you are a resident of the European Union, the Owner is the controller of your Personal Information for the purposes of the GDPR.

5. Your consent: checks and choices

a. Right of access: you have the right to freely consent to the processing of your personal information through a clear affirmative act, which may include the ticking of a box when you visit our site, choosing technical settings, or other statements or behaviors that indicate acceptance processing of your personal information.

b. Right of renunciation: you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time from the opt-out procedure.

c. Manage your checks and your choices: you could have the following controls and options on our site. Please see the current Owner’s Privacy Statement below for details.
I. Changes to the account: If the owner’s site allows personal account registrations, you can make changes to personal information, including password changes, etc.
ii. Removal of personal information: if you have an account on our site, you have the option to delete your account and / or personal information.
iii. Marketing: if the owner carries out marketing activities, it is possible to activate or deactivate marketing as described below. This will allow you to choose if you wish to receive, promotions, products or services that may interest you.
iv. Advertising: it is possible to activate or deactivate the receipt of advertising, if the policy of the owner includes sending advertisements to registered users of this site.
v. Subscriptions, notices and newsletters: You can activate or deactivate the reception of subscriptions, notices or newsletters from the owner, if the policy of the owner includes the above.
YOU. Sharing personal information with third parties: the owner shares personal information only if the current privacy policy of the owner declares that he does so. You can enable or disable owner’s permission to send your personal information to third parties so that they can send you products and services that may be of interest to you.
vii. Cookies: if cookies are used in a way that identifies you directly or indirectly, we will confirm that in this Privacy Policy of the Owner below and you will be able to accept or deny consent to the use of cookies on our site.

6. Links to third-party websites

The Website may also contain links to third-party websites. If you access a third-party website from a link on this site, any information disclosed on this website is not subject to this Privacy Policy. It is possible that these links may be used by third parties or others to collect personal or other information about you. The owner is not responsible for the privacy practices of such websites, advertisers or third parties or the content of such websites and it is the sole obligation to review and understand the privacy practices and policies of these other websites. owner does not control the use of cookies by third parties, the collection of information or the way in which they handle such information.


7. Comments, notices and user content

Any material or comment posted on any of our Web pages, if permitted on our site, is public. As such, the owner assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of such information, no obligation to update or correct such information and no responsibility for such communications arising from the laws of copyright, libel, privacy, obscenity or otherwise.

8. Cookies and similar technologies

We may enter into a contract with third-party service providers to help us better understand the visitors to our site. These service providers are not authorized to use the information collected on our behalf except to help us conduct and improve our business. When a visitor searches the site, the owner can record information that identifies the visitor or connects the visitor to the search performed and records the information related to the search request. The owner can insert “cookies” on his hard drive. Internet cookies are small amounts of data that contain a unique identifier that many Web sites frequently send to the web browser to be stored on your computer’s hard drive in order to save data about you, such as name, password, username, preferences of the screen and pages of a website that you have viewed. When you revisit the site, the owner can recognize you from Internet cookies and customize your experience accordingly. The owner can use Google Analytics or a similar service to collect, store and track certain information related to his visit and activity on the site.

9. Marketing and advertising

The owner can contact you with information applicable to our services and products. We may use the personal information we have collected to send you the most relevant information.

10. Processors

The Owner may use Processors that process Personal Information. The Owner will do its best to ensure that any Processor engaged by the Owner complies with the applicable laws.

11. Children’s privacy

The Site is not intended for children under the age of 16. The Site does not knowingly collect personal information online from visitors of this age group. All users must be at least 16 years of age to use the site.

12. Security measures

The owner has implemented physical, electronic, and procedural security features designed to prevent unauthorized release or access to personal information. Despite the owner’s efforts to protect your personal information, there is always the risk that an unauthorized third party can circumvent these procedures or that the transmission of your information on the Internet can be intercepted. The confidentiality of any communication or material transmitted to or from the owner through this site or via e-mail can not be and is not guaranteed. As a result, the owner is not responsible for the security of information transmitted via the Internet.

The owner has implemented policies in case a violation occurs. Users and Members will be notified, as well as the appropriate local authorities if a violation occurs.


13. Changes to our privacy policy

The owner can change this privacy policy at any time. Users are obliged to return to the Site to learn about changes to the Privacy Policy since their last visit. Any changes to this Privacy Statement will be effective for all visitors who have visited the Site before the change has been made.

14. How to contact us

Please see the current Owner’s Privacy Statement for information.

Our current privacy policy

1. Types of personal information that the owner collects from users and site members

a. Who collects and receives your personal information: the owner collects and receives your personal information. The Owner only requires personal information from the user in order to provide the information and services requested by the user with the user’s consent. The services requested by users and provided by the owner may include information and news on matters relating to the owner. The Owner does not sell, market or supply user data to third parties for any other purpose.

b. Because we collect personal information: the owner collects personal information in order to share news and details about the performances related to Culture Del Mondo.

c. Categories of personal data collected: The categories of personal data collected for the purposes indicated above, with the consent of users of the site include:
I. First / Medium / Surname
ii. Email address
iii. Position

2. How we collect and store your personal information:

a. How we collect your personal information: Personal information is collected by a user when they send their information to subscribe to the owner’s newsletter through an electronic newsletter submission procedure.

b. Retention of personal information: the owner retains personal information for the purpose of the newsletter email with information related to the activities of the Culture of the Mondos and therefore retains personal information. If the Controller finds that the Personal Data collected is no longer necessary for his own purposes, he will delete Personal Information.

3. Your consent: checks and choices

a. Our current checks and choices on our site are as follows.
I. Subscription and marketing

4. How to contact us

a. Responsible for data protection

Please contact us at